Baby Bombshell 250 kit

Baby Bombshell 250

The first offering from Prairie Aero Designs, the Baby Bombshell 250 is a 32.4″ (823mm) span, sub-250g version of Joe Konefes’ 1940 free-flight classic. Our goal was to design an easy-building kit that takes full advantage of today’s precision manufacturing and micro electric RC equipment while maintaining the character of the original.

Worried about selecting the proper power system? Don’t be! The recommended system includes everything you’ll need.

Electric .020 power package by Willy Nillies

We aim to provide a classic full kit. Check out what’s included:

  • All balsa and plywood parts are precision laser-cut
  • Full-size printed plan
  • Laser-cut 1-piece windshield
  • Carbon fiber pushrods
  • Stainless steel music wire for landing gear, pushrod fittings, and tailskid
  • GWS foam wheels
  • Full hardware package
Easy battery access
Stainless steel gear and included wheels

What’s NOT included: